What is Managed Information Technology Services?

At MYTE Technologies, we define, ‘Managed Information Technology Services (referred to as Managed IT throughout this website) as the promise of protecting your business’ data, online cloud services, email services, phone systems, computer security and on-site servers, web development and websites. We solely focus on the technology of running successful, growing businesses. As a Managed Service provider, we are your direct access to a wealth of technology knowledge.


Business + Industry Specialties:

  • General Desktop Support 
  • Phone System setup
  • Email Mailbox setup and support
  • Online eCommerce
  • Website Creation 
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Warehouse Inventory Management (ERP solutions)


For industries, such as:

  • Advertising Agencies
  • Automotive and Boating
  • Distribution Centers 
  • Data Warehousing 
  • Dentistry
  • Real Estate Offices and Realtors
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Mining 
  • Locomotive 
  • Warehousing 

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    What we do:

    • Networking

    • Server maintenance

    • Office 365 migrations

    • Desktop Support

    • Software implementations

    • System development

    • Software implementations

    • Business intelligence

    • …and more

    But what we are best at, is making sure you don’t have to be an IT expect to amke the right decisions for your business. We are here, we are local, and we want to meet with you. Give us your info to setup a free consultation, we find that sometimes that is all our potential customers need and we are happy to help.

    One of the best things about Managed IT Services is access to a wealth of knowledge when it comes to technology. Even small MSP teams will boast specialists with expertise in a wife range of IT areas. MSPs will rid you of technology headaches and make sure your IT is optimised for peak performance. They will provide IT consultant services including insights and advice in plain English whenever you need it, while leveraging current technologies to best support your business goals.Their knowledge and experience save you time and money, and keep you from making poorly judged technology investments.

    Public Cloud

    A public cloud allows numerous users to access information simultaneously, allowing your business and employees to become more efficient. A public cloud also gives you the accessibility whenever you’re connected to the internet – anytime, anyplace.

    Secure Public Cloud

    Organizations are increasingly under pressure to deliver a cloud first strategy. Through the Secure Public cloud solution, you leverage a shared platform that reduces risks, manages costs and drives efficiencies.

    Secure Managed Cloud

    Do you find your business has numerous employees that need to access the same information at once? A public cloud will allow numerous users access information simultaneously, allowing your business and employees to become more efficient. A secure managed cloud also gives you the accessibility whenever you’re connected to the internet – anytime, anyplace with a secure and private login.

    Public sector and regulated industry organisations find security and compliance concerns as key barriers to migrating critical applications to the Cloud. That’s why MYTE has introduced Secure Managed Cloud – an ultra-secure managed cloud infrastructure that’s certified to the highest standards.

    MYTE’ s Secured Managed Cloud solution is a secure, resilient, shared or private cloud infrastructure with disaster recovery and tailored SLAs.

    Hybrid Cloud Solutions

    MYTE’s Hybrid Cloud Strategy builds your public-private cloud and on premise infrastructure that meets high level security standards, optimises your hardware and is flexible enough to change according to your business needs.

    IT Managed Services

    MYTE Technologies offers IT Managed Services, varying from cloud infrastructures to high availability on-site solutions . With this technology, keep all of your business information safe and secure and accessible from anywhere. Need to access files from 2007 while traveling? MYTE Technologies can get that setup.

    With the growing number of Digital Transformation Projects across private and public sector organizations, it is no wonder that efficiently customized and highly reliable IT services and consulting will be the key to a successful transformation journey.

    MYTE ensures the highest levels of information security, IT service management, business continuity, environmental compliance and quality. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that our security credentials and business processes really are second to none

    Disaster Recovery Solutions

    Would your business survive a catastrophic disaster with all of your business data being erased? Stay protected with an off-site backup from MYTE Technologies. We create a continuously syncing mirror image of the important data and back it up at a separate location from your place of business. In the case that disaster strikes, MYTE Technologies can get you back up and running in no time.

    Starting from devising a stringent continuity plan, disaster recovery priorities and set down the key metrics of impact analysis, MYTE has helped many Local companies protect or recover from crisis in minimal time.

    Business Critical Application Hosting

    A highly competitive business environment demands the right combination of resilience, priority response and fault monitoring to maintain the highest levels of performance.

    Having worked with numerous government and educational sectors organisations, MYTE creates secure multi data centers, tailoring them to your exact requirements.

    Using fixed line and MPLS core technology, our hybrid solutions ensure  that applications have high availability at optimum service levels and help to drive down customer ownership and transactional costs; delivering greater return on investment.

    We will guide you throughout, keep your systems running predictably, and deliver a more competitive advantage to your organisation and business.

    This is why managed IT services work.

    We bring real value to organizations. We are more than an IT guy you pay to sit in a windowless office somewhere. We can save you money on technology projects and operating expenses, sure. But we can also help you streamline your businesses processes ultimately driving revenue and hire rates of profit.

    ….And the survey says!

    75% of companies require technology that requires their staff to work anywhere anytime

    56% of companies prefer a single source for total outsource of their IT

    93% of companies saw at least one area of improvement in their IT department since virtualization it in the cloud

    73% of companies have reduced the cost of IT infrastructure


    *Stats are from a survey of 3,645 IT decision makers in eight countries by leading sources such as Gartner and IDG and Microsoft

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