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As a business owner wanting to leverage technology, it’s overwhelming knowing where to start. Well, start here – we are the best managed IT services Phoenix has to offer.


Before jumping into the deep end of cloud services, virtualization, and unified communications, we will take some time to identify the fundamental issues with your technology infrastructure. To schedule a free, 15-minute consultation with our dedicated specialists, please click here.

Why is technology vital for businesses?

56% of companies prefer a single source for all IT needs 0
73% of companies reduced their overall IT cost by moving to managed services 0
75% of companies require remote-work capabilities 0
93% of companies saw improvement after moving IT services 'to the cloud' 0

*Stats are from a survey of 3,645 IT decision makers in eight countries by leading sources such as Gartner and IDG and Microsoft

Managed IT Services Phoenix, What Are the Benefits?


The cloud managed services market currently valued at $62.4 billion is projected to have a CAGR of 13.3% within the next five years. This growth isn’t surprising considering the rate at which businesses are embracing IT managed services.

Are you part of these statistics? If you’re not outsourcing your technology management, you’re missing out! It is undeniable that managed IT services will transform your organization, leading to unrestricted growth, and profitability. Keep reading to know the top benefits of using shifting the burden of IT to us. If you have a business consider managed it services Phoenix Arizona is a thriving city of industry and we are here to help.


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Cost Reduction

The IT department requires a variety of resources and qualified staff. If you want to have a fully functional IT department, the cost implication can be overwhelming for your small business. An in-house team often has unexpected and frequent expenses that can drain your finances. With managed IT services, your costs will be predictable.

The packages are often paid on a monthly or an annual basis. Outsourcing all your IT services will save you from some skunk expenses such as office upkeep, monthly salaries, insurance, and benefits. Managed services will further help you reduce the expenditure that comes with the in-house management of systems without adding value to your business. Ultimately, you’ll save costs on training, consulting, emergency repairs, training, and licensing. If you check out the managed IT service pricing, you’ll realize that it can’t compare with the amount you’ll be spending with an in-house IT department. You can channel the amount saved to finance your main business agenda.


You’ll Work With a Team of Experts

Among the benefits of IT service management that is hard to get with an in-house team is a high level of expertise guaranteed in outsourcing. Hiring a team of experts to work solely for you can be quite expensive. Yet, you can have access to top IT talents without breaking a bank! A managed IT service provider often has a team of information technology experts on board. The agency’s main business is IT and hiring top talents with specific sets of skills is non-negotiable. As such, you’ll be working with a team that has

the right training, experience, and certifications. Your IT team can handle basic technology needs. As you upgrade the systems, it will be hard for the employees to operate and maintain these systems and equipment unless you train them. A managed service provider has the resources and skills to provide any specialized services to fill the team’s gaps. If your budget doesn’t allow you to hire professionals for your IT department, outsource the services. The cost will be low, and you’ll get the best personnel there is!

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Reduced Downtime

A recent study found out that 96% of firms encounter costly IT outages that can be avoided. IT downtime can lead to lost revenue and productivity. The mitigation and compliance costs can also be high, leading to more unanticipated expenses. One of the primary causes of downtime is equipment issues. Computers and servers might malfunction. Electrical disruptions and human errors can also lead to expensive downtime. You need to have strong safeguards to protect you from these risks.

Small and medium-sized businesses must ensure more protection, as most system attacks target small businesses. Does your in-house team have the capacity to tackle these attacks? Managed services have put strategies and resources to prevent downtime. You’ll hardly encounter any downtime if you have outsourced your IT services. However, it would help choose your IT partner critically as some of the agencies cropping up don’t have enough experience and resources to handle system issues. We are the best managed it services Phoenix has to offer.


Data Compliance

Data compliance is among the benefits of an IT service manager that you’ll hardly get with an in-house team. There are several regulations that you need to abide by for your information to remain secure. IT managed service providers understand these regulations since they are in the industry. Your IT team will have to check out hundreds of regulations and standards to know which rules apply to your organization. They also need to keep reading IT-related news and articles to know what’s trending.

The team has to ensure that your company applies these regulations to the letter. This work will overwhelm your IT team, especially if they have to perform other daily activities. Nonetheless, you can’t risk not having a team to handle data compliance. Violating the standards will lead to reputational damage and hefty fines that you might never overcome. The benefits of using managed IT services will be evident in this case since your provider will be handling auditing and compliance services. You will rest easy knowing that your company is meeting all data security regulations.


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New Technology

If there’s something that keeps changing, it has to be technology. The type of technology that had created a buzz a decade ago is less popular today. Researchers and manufacturers are working tirelessly to introduce new products, especially for business. If you’re dealing with your company’s IT needs, you better have a budget for these constant upgrades. Unfortunately, most small businesses struggle financially. Therefore, investing in the right

technology now and then isn’t tenable. It’s hard to establish the right technology for you, especially if you’re not a tech guru. You might also have a hard time if your team doesn’t know how to use this technology. The cost of these upgrades and training can strain your finances. Instead of these frustrations, you might want to consider IT managed services. The benefits of an IT service manager will be evident in the use of new technology. The cost will be all-inclusive in the package, meaning that the provider won’t bill you for the new technology adopted.


The Benefits of IT Managed Services Are Evident

IT services are central to today’s business operations. If you’re not using the right IT services, you miss out on a host of advantages. You might want to consider outsourcing your IT work to an agency. The benefits of IT managed services make outsourcing a better deal than having an in-house team. From the cost-effectiveness to reduced downtime, the benefits of using IT managed services are undeniable. Are you looking for an managed IT services in Phoenix? We offer the best technology services to businesses in the region. Contact us today for a partnership that will guarantee you value.