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CEO, Founder

Cody Bell

CEO, Founder

Service-driven senior systems engineer / technical leader / system architect with years of experience. Highly skilled in managing complex global, multi-server, multi-time-zone, enterprise-wide, mission-critical applications. Expert networking and project management skills. Solid understanding of enterprise system architecture and implementation, using innovative solutions to complex software and systems problems. Extensive experience in presenting complex technical systems and architectures to executive management. Experience in evolving system architectures using state-of-the-art technology. Skilled in partnering with engineering, finance, HR, legal, and creative departments.

COO, Founder

Halley Bell

COO, Co-Founder

Halley Bell comes to MYTE Technologies with over 15+ years experience in the digital realm. Her beginnings start in public relations after receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from Arizona State University. Along her career, Halley has been involved in numerous start-ups, product launches, marketing campaigns alongside digital and online advertising. Aside from her professional skills, she enjoys riding her bike, meditating, spending time with her family and friends and talking about herself in third person.

Director of Sales and Marketing

Brandee Brown

Dir. Sales & Marketing

Brandee is an AZ native who enjoys the outdoors. She’s worked in the customer service industry for 15 years. In that time she has found a lot joy in fostering human connection. As a creative individual, she has collected a few hobbies like cooking, gardening and crafting. In her down time she enjoys spending time with her family.