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Dispensary IT support

Dispensary IT Support you can count on


As pioneers in your industry, we know you are looking for innovative ways to run your business. For dispensary IT support, look no further than MYTE Technologies. We know compliance is key in the union of IT solutions and the cannabis industry.

Whether your concern is government compliance, safe-guarding sensitive customer information, or choosing the best POS operating systems, we are here to help you make informed decisions every step of the way.

We know your tech needs start with the grow and are needed past the point of sale. MYTE Technologies is here for physical and virtual security needs.

Here are some highly recommended POS systems for the cannabis industry.

Dispensary IT support provides your business with vital feedback

We help you grow:
The cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing industries in America. With recreational facilities opening across the Phoenix Valley, air-tight IT functions can separate the professionals from the start-ups.


We offer services such as:
Security and Business planning
Computer Engineering
Training on government compliance
Data Recovery / Cloud services
License and Permit assistance
IT Security (anti-virus/malware)
Website build and maintenance
Disaster Recovery Plans

These services ensure that technical functions are monitored and secure 24/7. Processes like this are recurring and tedious.  Cannabis dispensaries often have a complex IT system for tracking every single detail of the business. These details are scrutinized by the federal government. Let MYTE Technologies manage behind the scenes so your workplace can focus on the in-house operations. We offer a wide range of managed IT services, and each company can design a package that suits their business best.



How MYTE Can Help


At MYTE Technologies, we work alongside businesses to build an IT infrastructure that is tailored to their needs. The services offered allow support for every department: sales, operations, marketing, customer support.
We provide:
·         Comprehensive data back-up, developed for business recovery and protection of vital data
·         Procurement of hardware, software and other critical IT equipment at discounted prices
·         24/7 monitoring and support
·         Network Security
·         Cloud Solutions
·         Device Management
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