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The success of an established dental office is determined by its ability to deliver advanced technology and excellent customer service. Traditionally, dentists are not IT savvy, and studies show nearly half of US dental offices do not have an IT person on staff.

Dentistry IT support is crucial for day-to-day operations. It saves time and ensures that your staff can concentrate on patient care instead of dealing with technical issues. Dental offices need to be able to access their patients’ records and patient information consistently and without interruption. This is something that is essential for compliance as well.

What’s more, if a dental office runs on an outdated IT system, they could be at risk of spending more money than necessary and they’ll be less than efficient.

MYTE Technologies is here to help coach your business through government compliance, provide you with IT security, and offer you the latest options on software and operating systems. Whether its sourcing CAD/CAM equipment, or handling software integration that eases the task of reporting, MYTE is here to help with all the demands your business needs to function.

You’ll find that once these processes are fortified with our Dentistry IT Support, your staff can focus on all the other components that make your business great!

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How MYTE Can Help with Dentistry IT Support


At MYTE Technologies, we work alongside businesses to build an IT infrastructure that is tailored to their needs. The services offered allow support for every department: sales, operations, marketing, customer support.
We provide:
·         Comprehensive data back-up, developed for business recovery and protection of vital data
·         Procurement of hardware, software and other critical IT equipment at discounted prices
·         24/7 monitoring and support
·         Network Security
·         Cloud Solutions
·         Device Management
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